Complete organization

You need to be supported and accompanied in the organization of a day that will remain memorable.

Whether you are caught up in your busy days or simply want to approach the organization in a simpler way by letting yourself be guided, you need someone you can trust to support and accompany you every step of the way.

With this service, you benefit from my privileged network of providers, my expertise and my advice throughout the preparations. I work in collaboration with you to better understand your desires, your expectations and bring you a global vision of your D-Day.

An approach that is both logistical and aesthetic for an event that resembles you and that is coherent in every aspect.

Find the rare pearls that will contribute to the success of your day, be attentive to your desires, define an atmosphere that suits you, coordinate all this beautiful world so that you have a light mind on the D-day :
That’s what I’m here for !

Only one watchword for you : ENJOY !


Want to discuss your project? Let’s meet! I offer you a first meeting free of any commitment.

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